Day 1

Andrew Devonshire - My Variegation obsession

Jose Manzanares - Tillandsioideae Part III A-B

David Fell - My Vriesea Hybridizing Journey

Michael Barfuss - Understanding Tillandsioideae DNA Analysis


Day 2

Michael Barfuss - A Habitat Field Trip in Colombia

David Benzing - From Brocchinia to Tillansia: what family Bromeliaceae can tell us about how plants evolve

Hiro Takizawa - A Hybridizing Journey with Tillandsias

Day 3

Dean Morman - Creating Garden Sculptures with Bromeliads

Bruce Dunstan - Exploring the Pluvial Forests of the Choco

Martin Siaw - Bromeliads in China: A Quest for an Identity

Jose Manzanares - A Bromeliad Safari to the Cordillera de los Guacamayos in the Ecuadorian Amazon